4 Stylish Ways to Wear Compression Pants

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Compression pants are most often associated with a rigorous workout at the gym or a sweaty practice on the yoga mat. There’s a reason so many yogis love their compression pants: they’re super comfortable on and off the mat. On a day where comfort is of the utmost importance, how can you find a stylish way to wear your compression pants?

Pair them with an oversized sweatshirt.

Match your compression pants with a stylishly oversized sweatshirt to offset the tightness of the pants. This works best with solid sweatshirt colors, but they may feature a simple graphic print or typography. The solid color prevents excessive patterns on an oversized sweatshirt from dominating your entire look.

For many individuals, sticking with a neutral color is the best option for a sweatshirt. Bolder personalities may prefer fluorescent hues, but be careful that these shades don’t overwhelm your appearance. If you do opt for brightly colored tops, be certain that your compression pants are a dark hue with a very basic pattern or solid color.

Outfit yourself with a longer-length tunic.

Similar to the fashion statement made by an oversized sweatshirt, a flowing tunic helps to balance out the tightness of the compression pants. A tank top would work best for this pairing, but a short-sleeve top would also work. A tunic top allows you plenty of flexibility in terms of your self-expression.

Many yogis may prefer to pair their compression pants with a neutral top in dark grey, beige, or black. If you need a bright pop of color to match your personality, jewel tones are a timeless solution. Deep rubies, stunning sapphires, and rich emeralds are beautiful partners for black compression pants.

Trade your sneakers for flip flops.

Flip flops are a great way to transition your compression pants from the mat or the gym into your everyday wardrobe. If you’re coming straight from a yoga class, this may be the easiest way for you to roll straight from your mat into your flip flops. They allow you to cool down by removing a few layers from your feet.

More importantly, flip flops lend your outfit a more laid-back feel that takes away from the intensity that you might ordinarily feel wearing your compression pants for your practice. They can transform your compression pants from intense to laid-back and beach city ready.

Put on the rest of your athleisure apparel.

If you’re going for a sportier vibe with your ensemble, consider wearing other athleisure apparel along with it. Your favorite logo tank tops, t-shirts, or hoodies could be the perfect partner for compression pants. Athleisure apparel from head to toe can make getting ready in the morning a cinch. A sleek ponytail is a low-maintenance and quick way to style long hair in keeping with the theme.

Of course, the real benefit to all of these fashion-forward ways to wear your compression pants throughout the day is the comfort you experience. Compression pants not only allow you to go deeper in your yoga practice but they allow you to do so with the luxury of being super comfortable.

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