How to do Yoga if You Have Knee Problems

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How to do yoga if you have knee problems

Please Remember: You should always consult with your medical professional before trying any new exercise.

Yoga can be a great option for a lot of people suffering from knee problems. Whether it is limited knee mobility, knee pain, or even knee rehabilitation. When used correctly, yoga can help the body become accustomed to holding proper alignment, increase knee mobility, and strengthen the muscles around your knee to help hold everything in place.

One of the first things you should consider when practicing yoga with a knee problem is what kind of class you are taking. Iyengar or any other alignment based yoga style would be ideal. Alignment based yoga focuses on holding proper alignment of the body and will help keep risk to a minimum. You will generally gain a greater knowledge of the correct form of poses, which is not only beneficial in a classroom, but is also fantastic for anytime you practice on your own.

Try Incorporating Different Modifications Into Your Yoga Routine. 

You can always ask your instructor which ones she/he recommends, but here are some of the most basic poses to look out for. Standing poses such as warrior 1, warrior 2, and eagle pose along with any other pose where weight is placed on a knee that is aligned with your foot. Poses where your knees are bent with weight placed on them like child’s pose, hero pose, or any other type of kneeling pose. Any poses that puts pressure on your knees from the side are also best avoided or done with extreme caution; for example: lotus or pigeon pose.

Every Pose You Do Should Be Done Consciously and With Care. 

The best way to do yoga if you have knee problems is to listen to your body. Be forgiving and give yourself time to do things correctly and with proper form. Some poses are not going to work for you. Nobody’s body is made the same and sometimes it is the bone structure that decides whether or not you can complete a pose, not whether or not your muscles are stretched.

There are also numerous ways you can adapt poses to accommodate your knee problems. Don’t feel like just because it is hard for you to do it the conventional way that it means you cannot enjoy it with a simple modification. In many cases, modifications are not any less beneficial than the original pose. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from making yoga work for your knee problems.

As mentioned earlier, speak to your yoga instructor. Ask her/him what they recommend for your specific situation and be open to their suggestions. Instructors can only speak about what they know, and they probably don’t know everything about your situation. Above all else, make sure you only do what is comfortable and what feels right to you.

Yoga can be a great form of exercise for a lot of people struggling with knee problems. Taking the time to learn proper alignment, comfortable modifications, and being easy on yourself can do wonders!

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